Saturday, October 12, 2013

Cake Experience

Hi all,

This is the 1st day of another long holiday.  Hope all of you having great holiday with your family. As of this morning, the weather a bit cloudy out there. Hopefully there will be no rain. We are experienced rains almost every day this week. Today, I will be at Shaklee office to get some supplement to my customer and myself.Hopefully, I can arrive earlier there.

Have you having your breakfast today? As usual, I will drink a glass of ESP as part of my breakfast everyday. Beside, I also take other supplement after that. But this morning, I also take a slice of cake which bought last night ( only a slice :) )....Actually, I am not having any intention to buy or to eat any cake however the story begun when my daugther persuade me to buy one for her. Of course, most kids love cakes esspecially those decorated with cartoon on top of it. However, this time she want me to give her a pink cakes? Oh my god. Where can i get that pink cake? I wonder why suddenly she want a cake. Today is not her birthday or any of our anniversary actually. Having said that i discover that there is a birthday celebrated at her Taska recently. That is why she want one for her.

However, we couldn't get any pink cake last night. Our trip to Alam Sentral to a bakery shop only get this cake. No pink at any part of the cake only the box are pink....hehe... But luckly she accept the cakes :). fuuhhh...lega...

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